Bike Seat covers

Finally, the search is over. Support & protect your bottom with the Temple Tape shock absorbing anti sliding replacement bike seat pads. Our padded nonslip Gel Seat adjustable tops are built to provide the ultimate comfort for all serious riders, spinners, cyclists & fitness enthusiasts. Temple Tape High performance Gel Seat Cushions come in two different series: Premium Elite Series & the Supreme series. Easy install within seconds. Simply place our seat cover over your existing bike saddle & tighten the drawstring, fasten the straps for extra security. This product is compatible with any normal bike chair including, plastic, rubber, or leather seats. This squishy seat pad will even support seats with shocks & springs; this comfy pad will make you feel like you’re riding on a portable pillow, making exercise & working out more bearable for your rear end. They come with a unique “strap mechanism” which acts as a second security system. The straps ensure that your Seat Cushion will stay in place, even during the most intense workouts. The double sided Anti Slip material is designed to keep your cushion in place & your butt from slipping. Both Unisex Temple Tape gell seat covers are great for Adult Men, Women as well as young kids, girls & Boys alike. Our cycle seats can be used on a indoor stationary spinning bike like the Peloton, or in any spin class (example: soul cycle classes etc.) Our water resistant fabric will also allow for riding outdoors on a standard, mountain, BMX, or Road bicycles. Our comfortable cushy sadle padding will keep your behind, Back side & tailbone fresh & not sore while cruising for recreation or Sport exercising. Whether you’re a commuter, cruiser, Trainer, Biker, triathlon athlete, extreme speed cyclist, distance rider, professional rider, mount biker, racing enthusiast or you just want to take a joy ride on your Electric Bike, Tricycle, or Unicycle. Our universal portable cycle seat topper is the perfect solution for hard seat bum.