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iTassel - The most unique & Fashion Forward Portable Charger that you have ever seen.

The iTassel is a Power Bank disguised as a Fashionable Leather Tassel, that can be hung onto anything from a Handbag to a Leash. Whether you are Traveling, Walking your Dog or just living your daily life, the iTassel can come along for the journey. Simply hang it using the Universal Latch & bring it wherever you go. The iTassel has a 2,600mAh powerbank, which is strong enough to give your device a Full Charge in a single use.

Product Features:
    • Powerful 2,600mAh Battery allows the iTassel to Recharge your device for a Full Charge.
    • Compatible with all Wireless Devices including: iPhone, Android, & Tablets.
    • iTassel is crafted with the highest quality Vegan Leather.
    • iTassel is Available in 6 Neutral colors that can match many different Bags and outfits.
    • iTassel doesn't add Bulk or much weight to your bag, it weighs just 4 ounces & has a Diameter of 4 inches.
    • iTassel Fuses Fashion & Tech with this one of a kind Leather Powerbank/Tassel Bag Accessory.

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