Classic & Pocket Editions

Temple Tape Sweatbands fuse Style, Performance, & Durability.

Our Sweatbands take the sweat out of working out.

Our solid color headbands are unisex. They're perfect to be worn on their own or under other hats, helmets and visors. Using stretchy, breathable material, allows them to fit virtually every head size and shape. Indoors and in warm weather outdoors, our moisture wicking headbands are great to wick away sweat and in colder weather they are also great to keep ears warm, along with keeping hair back. They will absorb and evaporate buckets of sweat eight times Faster than an Average Cotton Headband.



  • #1 Sweatband on the Market
  • Available in 2 Styles: Classic & Pocket Edition
  • Pocket Edition has a Pocket on the Right side which will fit many small objects including; Home & Car Keys, Cash, ID & Credit Cards, Ear buds & Bluetooth, Jewelry, Chewing Gum or Mints, Lipstick or Lip-gloss
  • Perfect for all Activities including: Yoga, Running, Cross-fit, Cycling, Working-out, or any sports Activity.
  • Absorbs & Evaporates Sweat 8 times Faster than an average Cotton Sweatband
  • Specially Blended Materials provide All Grip, and No Slip. The Sweatband stays comfortably on your head during the entire workout so you can focus on whatever you’re doing - Not worrying that your headband will slip.
  • Super slim & Lightweight
  • Softer than Cotton, will not leave you with a headache, no matter how long you’re using it
  • Perfect to be worn on their own or under other hats, helmets, and visors
  • Stretchy, breathable material, allows the Temple Tape to fit virtually every head size and shape
  • Great indoors and Outdoors
  • They will keep ears warm during the cold or Wick sweat away during Warmer climates
  • Garment Care: Hand Wash - Hang Dry, for best results.