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Speed Jump Rope

Your search for the perfect skipping jump rope is over! Temple Tape Jump Ropes are perfect for the most intense workouts. Our ropes have a professional, high-quality look & feel. Simple yet tough. Smooth yet durable. The smoothest jumping you have ever experienced awaits! Master those Doubleunders hit a new skill level with the best speedrope you will ever use. With Steel Ball Bearings built for speed. The 2.5mm 10 foot 16 Gauge steel braided cable is coated in heavy rubber like plastic & fully adjustable making it perfect for men, women or even kids who want to taste olympic perfection. The handles are made from the highest quality lightweight plastic and are perfectly crafted to fit both mens and womens hands & have enough grip not to slip out of your hand during intense skipping. Our ropes are made for indoor & outdoor use (even on concrete), a “Rubber Rope Protector” comes included with the set, so you dont have to worry about your rope & get serious about your workout anytime anywhere you see fit. Get ready to rock a super fast rope routine. Marvel at the smooth, effortless rotation of the never tangle cable. Using our Premium JumpRope can help with Weight loss, Muscle tone, full workout, burn fat from the upper and lower body and burns a lot of calories in a short time, and its good for the heart. You will never get bored with a variety of new routines & tricks to master. Great for travel or when you lack access to a gym Adjustable size works for all sizes & ages: Adult: Man 6 feet 5 inch tall or a small Womans weight of 90 lb Child: Boy & Girl, big & little children (Youth) What equipment & accessories come as part of this bundle set: Lightweight Speed Jump Rope Handles 2x 10 ft long replacement cables (Black & Red) 4x Hardware pieces (Metal Screws & Nuts) easily adjust the rope system to any height 4x Rubber Cord cap 1x Rubber Rope protector (for heavy use and impact even on concrete) 1x Nylon carry pouch to store jumpropes plus handles and parts

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