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Sports Performance Underwear - Boxer Briefs with Temp-dry® technology - 3 Pack


  • PACK OF THREE Temple Tape Sports Performance Underwear
  • 5-inch inseam
  • Premium quality activewear
  • Temp-Dry® technology is a light-breathable fabric that dries 3X faster than cotton.
  • Ultra-soft Tagless waistband designed for ultimate comfort and flexibility.
  • No ride up construction prevents bunching and wedgies.
  • Smooth, non-chafing stitch & a mesh Lined Pouch for support and breathability keeps you cool and fresh.

Our Sports Underwear was Created with the perfect blend of materials. These Boxer briefs were built to provide the ultimate comfort.

Waistband: The Temple Tape tagless waistband was designed with an extra soft elastic material so it’s light on the skin and prevents any type of irritation.  
5-inch inseam is the perfect length for all athletes to be worn for any workout or sport.

Temp-Dry® Technology: our exclusive breathable, moisture-wicking blend of materials that have been in the works for over two years is finally here.  Designed to fit every build with the most flexible body-hugging elasticity for the utmost lightweight comfort you can ask for in exercise underwear while keeping the sweat away and drying 3x faster than your every-day briefs.
Blend: The durable blend is machine washable and won’t chafe your skins or ride up your thighs. The soft stitching and supportive pouch assure top comfort all around from these boxer-brief shorts.

No More Bunching: Our underwear was uniquely designed so that it won’t bunch up any set of legs or get too loose no matter how many times you wear them. The smooth stitching also prevents any type of wedgies, giving you the comfortable durability you’ve always wanted.

Temp-Dry® technology wicks sweat fast and quickly dries your boxers to give your legs the opportunity to breathe in even the heaviest workouts for all your athletic needs. The double-lined mesh pouch also has the quick-dry feature which is constructed for the most support and air-flow.

Whether you’re using the Temple Tape underwear to play golf, basketball, football, soccer, baseball, tennis, a good workout, kicking butt in cross-fit, posing for yoga, training to run a marathon, or even just running your errands, they are the way to go! In any climate or environment, it will meet your needs and exceed expectations.

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