Neck Gaiter- Lightweight Breathable Cooling Unisex, Multi-Use Face Mask; Running & UV Protection

OD Green
  • Temple Tape lightweight breathable Neck Gaiter - Multi use Face-mask with UV Protection
  • Tube closure
  • One size fits most; this unisex design is perfect for any outdoor activity.
  • Multifunctional gaiter can protect you from the harshest of UV sun rays. Sun protection is not our gators only use; this gear can shield wind, debris, dust, snow, and insects.
  • Temp-Dry technology absorbs sweat; it keeps you dry and ready to roll for any sport or exercise, like running, hiking, fishing, motorcycling, hunting, camping, traveling and more!
  • Gator can be worn as an adjustable neck gaiter, bandana, sweatband, headband, balaclava, scarf, face mask, beanie, cap, ski mask, and pirate hat.
  • The Temple Tape Neck Gator can be worn under a motorcycle helmet for a more comfortable ride and as a large sweat band for a cleaner workout. 
  • These gaiters are made of light but super durable material that can withstand multiple machine washes without shrinking or fading. 
  • The heat is not the only weather our gaiter shields you from; it can also keep you warm from the cold winter chill, especially while skiing!