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Neck Gaiter- Lightweight Breathable Cooling Unisex, Multi-Use Face Mask; Running & UV Protection

OD Green
  • Temple Tape lightweight breathable Neck Gaiter - Multi use Face-mask with UV Protection
  • Tube closure
  • One size fits most; this unisex design is perfect for any outdoor activity.
  • Multifunctional gaiter can protect you from the harshest of UV sun rays. Sun protection is not our gators only use; this gear can shield wind, debris, dust, snow, and insects.
  • Temp-Dry technology absorbs sweat; it keeps you dry and ready to roll for any sport or exercise, like running, hiking, fishing, motorcycling, hunting, camping, traveling and more!
  • Gator can be worn as an adjustable neck gaiter, bandana, sweatband, headband, balaclava, scarf, face mask, beanie, cap, ski mask, and pirate hat.
  • The Temple Tape Neck Gator can be worn under a motorcycle helmet for a more comfortable ride and as a large sweat band for a cleaner workout. 
  • These gaiters are made of light but super durable material that can withstand multiple machine washes without shrinking or fading. 
  • The heat is not the only weather our gaiter shields you from; it can also keep you warm from the cold winter chill, especially while skiing!

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews

Definitely lightweight really happy with this order thank you

Tom K.
Of value but could be better…

I’m using it, but it’s a little thin.Yes I can breathe through it fine, but I thought it would be as heavy as one of the hats I have. This would be perfect if it was made of the beanie material, and the bottom was more like a “dickie yoke” so it would fit much lower on your neck.


Exactly what I've been looking for, very hard to find

Muhammad Isa Waley
Useful as a sweatband

For me this item was much too tight on the throat to be useable as a face mask. However, it works really well as a comfortable breathable sweatband. Would be giving 3 1/2 stars if possible, but this company does deserve to succeed.

Billy Appleberry
Easy face mask

Was a little tight, but made having a mask easily accessible a good thing.