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Watch caps

They are very nice. I never expected to like wearing a beanie style cap but i like the helmet liners

Perfect seat

The seat arrived an hour or so after my peloton bike arrived. It is enough cushion to provide comfort but not too bulky to get in the way. Thank you for prompt delivery and a great product.


By far beat sweatband ive ever had ive bought several packs not because of damage because everyone wants one

Feels like I am riding...`a cloud


Warehouse Tested!

My big bro works in a warehouse that traps a lot of heat. This keeps the sweat out of his eyes and allows his hair to still be kept in it's style. He loves it and got every color.

Does the job

I didn't/don't like the price because there are cheaper ones that do the same thing

It is comfortable and works well

I use these when I bike in the heat and while working in the garden. They keep the perspiration from dripping into my eyes!

Very nice and soft.

I really like this hat it will keep me warm when winter comes for my walks everyday. Very nice fabric and it washes up nice too.

Love it

Super nice this bands

Not for head sweaters!

I am a head sweater, I have to wear a headband when I workout otherwise the sweat drips into my eyes. I don't even put my headbands in the dryer because I don't want them to lose their ability to absorb. These headbands did NOTHING for me. Even when I tried doubling up the headbands, I was still wiping way too much sweat from my eyes compared to other headbands. They were a complete waste of money.

No sweat in my eyes!

Love this product. Keeps all the sweat out of my eyes while working out. Dries quickly.

It does the job!

Does exactly what I needed it to do. I sweat profusely when working out and this headband keeps the sweat from dripping off my face (Ugh! I know.)


Nicely made and stylish

These things are AMAZING! I work on a horse breeding farm and let me tell you, I sweat!

Changed my whole day to great!

Great fit, works

This band works for sweat. I worked outside...`a 90 degree day for hours before I had to ring it out and rinse it.I bought a different brand and they don't stay put like this one, they don't absorb sweat like this one etc. This is 4x the price of course but I'll be buying a few more.Also, I sweat from the head like you read about. Always have. I sweat like a guy twice as fat as I am and I still recommend them.


A waste of money.

Order one size smaller!

This headband is soft, flexible, and seems to absorb moisture but I wish I had ordered a smaller size because it's not as tight fitting as I would like. Order a size smaller than you think you'll need and it should work nicely.

great headband

Great headband for the price.

Stays in place!

Stays...`my head, keeps my hair out of my face, and absorbs an impressive amount of sweat.

Good quality, but small and thin

It feels a bit tight...`my head, the material is thin and, as result, does not absorb many seats. But the quality and material are good, and I would recommend to someone with no so large head.


Great price and comfortable would recommend

Sucks Up Sweat

It�??s not as wide as I had hoped but it is otherwise a great sweat sucker for a great price

muy bueno

muy facil de instalar