"Premium Elite Series" Ultra Gel Bike Seat Cushion

  • Premium “Elite" Series:  We like to compare this cushion to “sitting on a cloud”. There's no other cushion that can compete with this product Quality & Comfort.
    This premium cover includes a tri-level Memory foam base with a thick double layer silicone gel-cushioned pad.

  • Carry Case: Built for travel the Elite series comes with a black dustproof travel carry bag so you can carry your equipment with you anywhere.

  • Dimensions: 11” inch x 7” inches, and will fit most standard, narrow, small or medium bike seats.
    Compatible with spin, exercise stationery, and outdoor Bikes, etc...
    These cushions will not fit XL, oversize, or very wide and large bike seats.

  • Double Security Straps: The Temple Tape saddle covers come equipped with a unique - strap mechanism - which acts as a second security system along with the drawstring to hold the saddle in place and eliminate any pain or slipping during a leisurely ride or even an intense workout.