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About us

Our Story

Our founder Ikey Zaga is a Sweater, no not a few droplets running down his body once in a while, this guy is a real sweater. Ever see Along Came Poly? remember this scene?


People reference this scene when playing against him constantly. While Founder Ikey is a little more fit and a little less hairy, I think you get the point.


Temple Tape was born with a purpose. After  many years of searching long and wide we just could not find the perfect sweatbands for Woman and Men alike.. 

Cotton is probably the most used fabric in terms of sweat bands but, the issue with cotton sweatbands  is that they fill up with sweat,  get super heavy and start working against you, allowing water to drip down in your eyes and face. Another issue with traditional headbands were the fit, these things would not stay put no matter what. Lastly but certainly not least is longevity, we found that all sweatbands after a few uses would get stretched out of shape and unusable.


We went on a mission: To create A sweatband that would deliver the following advantages while still being stylish and functional:.


Fit snug and don't slip -  We used the highest quality spandex imported exclusively from Taiwan  to make sure the headband stays in place and does not get worn out.

Actively Wicks Moisture away -  Spandex alone is not enough to wick moisture. Temple Tape was designed and manufactured with 3 different types of Moisture Wicking Fabrics that not only holds sweat but also actively draws off the moisture. 

Dries Fast  -  When Running a marathon, riding a bike, doing Yoga, working out or playing sports YOU WILL SWEAT A LOT. We made sure Temple Tape can be rung out when full, and then be almost completely dry (our sweat bands dry 8x faster than cotton) and ready for more without loosing shape or size in just a few seconds. 


After much trial and error with many different fabric types, and shapes Temple Tape was finally born. Designed to mimic the sleeve of a T- Shirt, virtually weightless at less than half an ounce, and moisture Wicking fabric we finally created the perfect Sweatbands.


In addition to having the best sweat absorbing technology on the market. We also wanted to make our sweatbands even more unique and special. That is why we created the Tempe Tap Pocket edition.


Going to the gym, nobody wants to worry about where they can store their Keys, Cash, or ID's, but its a reality that we all face. Most exercise cloths don't have pockets and the few that do are almost always in a terrible spot, making your workout even more painful when you feel your keys digging in to your hip while twisted up in pretzel position.Our Temple Tape Pocket Edition has a special pocket that over laps for a tight seal to insure nothing falls out.


Temple Tape was a passion project from start to finish, We are proud of what we did and we think everyone will love them. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Our Guarantee:

No games, we stand by our products 100%

We are so sure you will love your new Temple Tape Sweatbands so much that we are offering a money back guarantee.

If you are not satisfied with the performance of our Sweatbands, we will issue a full refund of the purchase price (not including INTERNATIONAL shipping) within 30 days of  purchase.

Thank you for getting to know us!