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Bike Seat Cushion

Thick & Soft Gel Padding

We worked hard getting the right combination of Gel & Foam to create the most comfortable seat cushion. Too much gel & the seat wouldn't have any structure, too much foam & it wouldn't be soft enough.
We finally came up with the perfect blend. We are one of the only bike seat cushions with 3 LAYERS of gel padding!

Anti Slip Interior & Straps

You may not have noticed (and that's the point), but if you flip your seat cushion over, you will see tiny rubber-like bumps. Those bumps actually help the seat stay in place & as an added protection, there are 2 lateral straps on each side of the Bike Seat Cushion.
Fasten those straps by knotting them together under your bike saddle. Tighten the drawstring (located in the back of the bike seat cushion) & your seat cushion is guaranteed not to move around - even in super intense situations.

If you are planning on CRUSHING your own personal record or TACKLING your next spin class, take your new Temple Tape Bike Seat Cushion along for the ride.