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Performance Underwear

Dry 3x Faster Than Cotton 

That pretty much sums it up, our Underwear is made from a unique blend of materials which are tested and proven to dry 3x faster than cotton!
We call this "Temp-Dry" technologyAny athlete would appreciate this small, but important detail, during & after a workout session, or even during (or after) a ball game.


on the interior crotch area

Take a look at the interior of your new Temple Tape Underwear.
You will notice that the interior (by the crotch area) has a Double Layer Mesh Lining.
Without getting into too many details of the science behind it, the double layer of mesh improves overall airflow, which in-turn allows for a more comfortable "all-day" feeling, while wearing the Temple Tape Performance Underwear.

Non-Chafing, No-Ride up - GUARANTEED!

The Underwear was designed in such a way, where the fabric will not bunch up throughout your day.
These work particularly well for anyone who has an issue with their current Underwear "Riding up/Bunching". This underwear will stay in place & is great for everyday use, even if you don't plan on heavy sweating that day.