by Brad G February 10, 2020 2 min read

Ankle injuries are one of the most common sports issues for athletes, making it extremely likely that you will suffer from one at some point in your life. If you do not take the time to deal with the injury properly, you set yourself up for more sprains and issues in the future. Here are four tricks to help you to recover quickly and efficiently from an ankle injury.


Compression Wrap

The use of a compression wrap can be instrumental when looking to reduce inflammation so that you can recover more quickly. By applying pressure to the injured area, swelling will be reduced, and you will start to see pain relief. It is important to apply enough pressure to provide compression benefits but not so much that you cut off circulation.


During the first few days of the injury, it is important to keep the ankle elevated for as much time as possible. Keeping your foot elevated above your waist or heart helps to mitigate swelling as it encourages the elimination of excess fluid that might be built up. Simply laying on the couch and keeping the ankle propped on a pillow can help to speed along the recovery process.

Elevate Ankle


Take Weight Off the Injury

While it may be tempting to try to get back in the saddle as soon as possible, it is imperative that you give your body the rest that it needs by taking the weight off of the injury. Staying off of the injured ankle will allow your body's natural healing ability to get to work. There are many types of crutches and crutch alternatives to help you to keep the weight off of your ankle as you recover.

Ice the Ankle

If you do not have a specific icing wrap made for an ankle, a bag of frozen peas works well because it will contour to the ankle so that every affected area is touched. You should aim to ice the ankle for 20 minutes at a time about three to five times per day. It is a good idea to ice the ankle with this schedule for the first 72 hours after the injury occurs.


By following these four tips, you will be back on your feet before you know it. It is important to not rush the recovery process so that nature can take its course in healing.


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